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   About APC Performance, LLC is the website of Allan G. Kern, P.E. Mr. Kern has 35 years of industrial control and automation experience, including:

  • Inventor of XMC®, industry's only model-less multivariable control method.
    • The most important development in multivariable control in over three decades.
  • Inventor or RPC® (Rate-Predictive Control), industry's only inherently adaptive control algorithm.
    • The most important development in single-loop control since Ziegler-Nichols.
  • Over 30 published papers on process control topics ranging from field instruments to safety systems, single-loop control, multivariable control performance, and expert systems, with an overall theme of practical and effective solutions to modern process control challenges.
  • Early retirement in 2008 as Automation Group Leader from Saudi Aramco's flagship Ras Tanura Refinery, Ras Tanura, Saudi Arabia
  • Winner of the ISA 2015 Nels Tyring Award for Best Article, for Multivariable control performance: the case for model-less multivariable control

Through insightful and persistent publications spanning his entire career, Mr. Kern has established himself as industry's leading voice for understanding and addressing the complex challenges of model-based multivariable control performance and practice. This pursuit ultimately led to his inventions of XMC®, industry's only model-less multivariable control method, and RPC®, industry's only inherently adaptive process control algorithm.

Mr. Kern is a Professional Control Systems Engineer and Chemical Engineer. He is a 1981 graduate of the University of Wyoming, USA.

 About APC Performance, LLC,  and Lin & Associates, Inc.:

  • XMC®, RPC® and all related patents and trademarks are the products and property of APC Performance, LLC.
  • APC Performance, LLC, is partnered with Lin & Associates, Inc., to bring XMC®, RPC®, and other consulting services to the industrial process control and automation market.
  • Inquiries may be directed to either APC Performance or Lin & Associates.