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ONLINE CONSULTING: Reliability and safety are the main challenges facing the process industries today, and process automation is one of the most effective solutions. Online consulting complements in-house resources, helps bridge a skill shortage at many sites, and makes process automation and control a regular contributor to continuous operational improvement. Learn more.

INFERENTIAL CONTROL (SOFT SENSORS): Inferential control is the most profitable part of multivariable control (MPC). But inferentials can also be implemented without MPC, capturing the benefits of inferentials without the cost, difficulties and delay of MPC. Learn more.

DISTILLATION CONTROL: Distillation accounts for up to half of an oil refinery's total energy bill. Wherever reflux or reboiler control is not in cascade mode, which is surprisingly common, 5-10% of this energy can be saved, in addition to product quality improvement. Learn more.

HYDROCRACKER CONTROL: Hydrocrackers are one of oil refining's most demanding automation challenges at all levels -- safety systems, regulatory control and advanced control. But most hydrocrackers are under-automated, lacking basic excursion controls, depressure prevention measures, and effective advanced controls. Learn more.

CRUDE UNIT CONTROL: Crude units are a textbook MPC application, but common control challenges often remain unsolved, such as reliable inferentials, pump-around optimization, pressure control, and stripper levels. Learn more.

FIRED HEATER CONTROL: Modern oil refineries and petrochemical plants have dozens of fired heaters, making reliable heater controls and safety systems fundamental to reliability and energy efficiency. Yet many heaters lack reliable and effective air, draft and fuel gas controls. Learn more.

MPC PERFORMANCE AUDITS: Industry has installed nearly a thousand MPC controllers, but the majority have fallen below performance and profit expectations.  Performance audits provide a sound basis to capture the benefits of high-performance base layer control, reliable inferentials, and profitable multivariable control going forward. Learn more.

LOOP-TUNING SURVEYS: Learn why loop tuning and multivariable control modeling are both more like ongoing maintenance tasks than one-time engineering tasks. (Hint: They share a common root cause!). Learn more.

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