Industry has installed nearly a thousand MPC controllers, but many have fallen below performance and profit expectations. Industry has installed thousands of inferentials, but many perform little better than traditional solutions. Much of this work has been carried out without due attention to base-layer health and base-layer/APC process control principles.

Performance audits provide a sound approach to capture the benefits of high-performance base layer control, reliable inferentials, and profitable multivariable control. Contact APC Performance for a performance audit before "re-engineering" your MPCs again.

At APC Performance, high-performance control is more important than high-level control. Base-layer reviews (covering DCS, SIS and field) are the most effective strategy to improve process performance, reliability and safety, and leverage maximum profit from your in-house control engineers and existing control system investment. Most companies would realize more improvement and profitability from adopting a strategy of base-layer performance, over an MPC-centered strategy that has dominated industry over the past 20-30 years.

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Contact APC Performance for a Base-Layer Reivew Report and/or an MPC Performance Audit.

MPC Performance Audits: