Reliability and safety are the main challenges facing the process industries today, and process control is one of the most effective solutions. Online consulting complements in-house resources, helps bridge a skill shortage at many sites, and makes process control a regular contributor to continuous operational improvement.

Online consulting fills a critical gap that has emerged in the process control business. The current generation of control engineers has been trained primarily in multivariable control, while the previous generation is rapidly retiring.  Consequently, several critical skill sets have largely disappeared from the process control business:

  • One is the control engineer who works day-to-day as part of the operations support team, bringing process control and automation into play, as regular contributors to problem solving and continuous operational improvement.

  • Another is the work processes and skills that make process control an agile tool for solving process problems and capturing opportunities.

These contrast sharply with today's norm, which often overlooks process control as a potential tool for solving day-to-day operational challenges, and looks on process control as a relatively inflexible, long-term tool, requiring months or years and tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars, to implement or overhaul MPC designs.

Online consulting provides a convenient and affordable method to bridge this gap. By working online with client control engineers, APC Performance can help to re-build the missing skills and work processes to make process control a key part of continuous operational improvement at your facility.

To initiate the online consulting process, send an email. Typical online consulting sessions range from single columns, inferentials, or problematic loops, to full unit reviews, comparable in scope and benefits to traditional MPC projects.

Online Consulting with APC Performance: