• RPC® is the industry's only inherently adaptive controller, which is especially significant in a business where efforts to develop a "self-tuning" controller have proven largely unsuccessful and where changing process gains has posed a particular performance limitation for model-based multivariable control.

  • RPC®, a simple, robust, easy to tune, and inherently adaptive controller, is potentially the most important development in single-loop control in 100 years (since Ziegler-Nichols).

  • RPC® also serves as the internal control method of XMC®, industry's only model-less multivariable controller.

RPC® Rate-Predictive Control:

Find out more about RPC® and XMC® by contacting APC Performance, LLC, or Lin & Associates, Inc. regarding an evaluation licsense for RPC® or XMC®

Take one of the following steps to explore what XMC® or RPC® can bring to your process automation program:

  • Install a crude oil atmospheric tower simulation and XMC® controller on your DCS platform and take XMC® for a "test drive".
  • Request a trial XMC® license for any application and APC Performance will work with you to assure a successful application.
  • Request a trial RPC® license, which can be deployoed in less than 1 hour, to solve any problematic loop performance that will benefit from RPC's adaptive capabilities, operational performance, or dead-time control capabilities.
  • There is no cost for trial/evaluation licenses.
  • Inquiries may be directed to either APC Performance or Lin & Associates.