APC Performance's vision of process control is characterized by a high level of base-layer competency and a high level of participation in operations support, with process control playing a key role in continuous operational improvement. Base-layer competency means a high skill level regarding DCS, SIS and field instrument capabilities, a knowledge of their respective roles and the role of APC, and robust agile work processes to implement base-layer changes, repairs and improvements.

A high level of participation means ongoing teamwork with production engineers and operations personnel to solve both day-to-day and long-term operational pain points. We believes this vision represents the most effective strategy to leverage modern process control and automation technology into process performance, reliability and safety gains.

APC performance believes some of the largest gains and “lowest hanging fruit” have so far been overlooked and remain to be captured. This approach invests in local human resources and intelligent control system content, rather than third party consultants, to capture process control system based solutions and improvements. There are few direct costs, but substantial direct benefits.

This vision is at once a return to process control fundamentals, a fuller embrace of modern process control and automation system capabilities, and an industry course correction after several decades of over-emphasis on high-level MPC control.

Our vision contrasts with many current process control paradigms. Focus is on existing in-house resources and teamwork, rather than 3rd party consultants. High-performance base-layer solutions take precedence over high-level solutions. And focus is on continuous operations support and improvement, rather than a 5-year project life-cycle. Our mission is to move industry towards this vision; increase understanding of the essential work processes, skill sets and paradigms; and assist clients in making this vision become a reality.

Online consulting with APC performance is a convenient low-cost tool to introduce this change-agent for improvement into your process control program. Send APC Performance an email to learn more.

The APC Performance Vision & Mission: