APC 2.0

Next-generation paradigm facilitating the emergence of multivariable control & optimization (APC) as a process industry core-competency.

“Every process operation is fundamentally an exercise in multivariable control & optimization – ask any operator or process engineer.”  Link to article...

Manual multivariable control has always been a core-competency of the process industries and each site’s overall success is dependent on their ability to master this complex operating team skill.  To take process operation, automation and optimization to the next level, automated multivariable control must also become an industry core-competency.  APC 2.0 shows how and why this is now possible.

Agile and Affordable APC

APC 2.0 is the next generation advanced process control paradigm. It combines historical process control principles that predate APC 1.0, with important multivariable control lessons that have emerged from APC 1.0. The result is a more agile, affordable and owner-friendly APC paradigm.

APC is a Core-Competency

Manual multivariable control is an existing core-competency of the process industries and an integral aspect of essentially every process operation – ask any operator or process engineer.

Automated multivariable control must become an industry core competency to take process automation, operation and optimization to the next level.  APC 2.0 provides the framework to make this happen.

Low Cost, Low Maintenance, Long Life-Cycle

APC 2.0 is a low cost, low maintenance, long life-cycle APC solution.  It is an alternative to the high cost, high maintenance, and short life-cycle of APC 1.0.  Instead of installing or re-engineering another legacy APC 1.0 application, next time consider APC 2.0.

Model-less APC Performance

APC 2.0 utilizaes model-less multivariable control & optimization technology (XMCO).  This eliminates 90% of the cost and maintenance of model-based APC, while improving performance and reliability in most cases.  XMCO technology is inherently adaptive and predictive and relatively immune to common problems such as changing process models, nonlinearity, and valve stiction.

APC 2.0

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Safety, reliability, and optimization are the main challenges facing the process industries today, and process control is one of the most important tools to these ends.

APC Performance LLC offers services designed to help clients rapidly achieve top quartile Basic Process Control (BPC) and Advanced Process Control (APC) core-competency.


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