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“In APC 2.0, the multivariable control matrix is designed based on operating experience and controller objectives – not on a plant test.  The matrix defines the controller's connections and directions, which define the basic mechanics and capabilities of the controller. The rest is tuning.”  Link to article...

Multivariable constraint control & optimization means adjusting sets of related single-loop controllers in concert, for constraint management and process optimization purposes. Operators and process engineers do it all the time.  APC Performance can help automate this task.

Multivariable Constraint Control & Optimization

Manual multivariable control & optimization has always been a core-competency of the process industries and each site’s level of success is dependent on their ability to master it.

In order to take process operation, automation, and optimization to the next level, automated multivariable control & optimization must also become an industry core-competency. APC 2.0 shows how and why this is now possible.

Basic Process Control (BPC) Health Audits

Safety, reliability and optimization are the main challenges facing industry today, and process control is one of the most important tools. But when a process is not meeting reliability or performance expectations, many sites aren’t sure where to turn or where the problem lies. Contact APC Performance about a BPC Health Audit and get immediate results.

APC Benefits

The benefits of Advanced Process Control (APC) are fundamentally the same as for Basic Process Control (BPC) – more timeliness and consistency, fewer alarms and constraint violations, and greater process optimization.  With APC 2.0, many applications are justified solely on the intrinsic value of closing the multivariable loops and improving the metrics – just like management of single-loop control in the past.  At the same time, many APC 2.0 applications continue to capture the large-scale ROIs that are expected of modern APC.  Link to article...

APC Consulting

Contact APC Performance to learn more about advanced process control consulting, onsite or online.

Safety, reliability, and optimization are the main challenges facing the process industries today, and process control is one of the most important tools to these ends.

APC Performance LLC offers services designed to help clients rapidly achieve top quartile Basic Process Control (BPC) and Advanced Process Control (APC) core-competency.


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